Groo the Game

If you like the comic, you'll love the game. Groo the game is a card game for 2-4 players. It is not a collectible card game like Magic, meaning that each game has the same set of cards. There is also an Expansion set, which has 55 new cards and allows you to play with two more players.

Where do you get Groo the Game? Well, it's out of print as of early 2000. Maybe ebay?


  1. What groo cards exist for this game?
    There is a basic set, which includes a deck, rules, and 7 do-it-yourself dice, meaning that they are blank dice and you put stickers on the dice. The deck is complete for a 2-4 player game and it has 60 cards.
    There is also an expansion set with 55 cards. This allows adding two more players.
    Note that there is no "rarity" to these cards, this is not like Magic.

  2. The instruction book has an example Dragon card, but it's not in my deck?
    The dragon is in the expansion. Remember, Groo is NOT a CCG like Magic, so you are not missing any essential or rare cards in your game.

  3. What's the deal with the "do-it-yourself" dice?
    Main reason is cost. There is also an interesting tax implication in the UK - books are VAT free, games are not, and dice is one key distinction between games and books. But the main reason is cost.

Groo-les questions

Here are some rule questions and comments. Please let me know if you have any questions or clarifications.